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08 Business Building Documents

Once you have completed the training, there are other things you can do to build your business.

Icon of 08i - Preferred Customer Enrollment Form
  08i - Preferred Customer Enrollment Form (82.0 KiB) - This document is for use in enrolling preferred customers manually versus sending them to your replicated website. NEW November 30, 2016
Icon of 08j - Tear-off Tabs Flyer Maker
  08j - Tear-off Tabs Flyer Maker (11.7 KiB) - This Microsoft Excel document can be used to make a flyer with tear off tabs that contain your Plexus contact information. NOTE you should only use graphics with a compliance code that have not expired.
Icon of 08k - 2018 Grow Your Team Worksheet US FINAL
  08k - 2018 Grow Your Team Worksheet US FINAL (495.3 KiB) - From Super Saturday 2018. New January 6, 2018