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05 Ambassador Recruitment Docs

These documents are for use in communicating with prospective ambassadors.

Icon of 05a2 - Other Examples Of Messages To Ambassador Prospects
  05a2 - Other Examples Of Messages To Ambassador Prospects (502.7 KiB) - This document contains 5 additional examples of messages that can be used to get the conversation started with ambassador prospects. Ambassador prospects can be current customers or just people you know in general. Remember a person does not have to have a personal plexus weight loss story to be a successful ambassador, so don't feel like you have to limit your recruitment of new ambassadors to your current customers. REVISED April 8, 2019
Icon of 05j - Ambassador Information Sheet
  05j - Ambassador Information Sheet (20.6 KiB) - The Fortune is in the Follow-up. Use one of these for each of your ambassadors to keep track of all the key information related to the ambassador and keep track of agreed actions and resolution as each one grows his or her business. NEW 08/20/2015